Dec. 8, 2021

How To Establish Boundaries For Healthy Relationships

Boundary setting is tricky, especially when it involves another person you care about. Why is it so hard to say no? How can we stop taking on too many things at once? Is it possible to maintain our relationships and set better expectations? How can we take control of our lives by setting appropriate boundaries? Let's find out.

It's easier to set boundaries when you know what you want or need, but don't know how to say no to others. Let's start with the basics of boundary setting and give a few examples of how establishing boundaries can help our relationships.

People who have a tendency to be helpful often struggle with saying no because they feel obligated to do things for others. For example, if I ask my friend for a ride somewhere and she says she won't be able to come, I might pressure her into it by saying that I really need her help or that one time will not hurt anyone. It's common thinking that everyone needs each other, so we should all try harder to make sacrifices for those we care about.


In reality, this way of thinking can actually do more harm than good. It puts unnecessary stress on both people, and it can be damaging to the relationship in the long run. People need time for themselves, and they need to feel like they are in control of their own lives. When we don't allow others that space, they will eventually resent us.


On the other hand, people who have a hard time saying no may not be very helpful because they're always putting their needs last. For example, if I ask my friend for a ride somewhere and she says she can come but has to leave early to pick up her kids from daycare, I might cancel my request because it's too much trouble. This person is always putting the needs of others before their own, and they eventually become resentful because they feel taken advantage of.


Neither of these scenarios is healthy for either person involved. In order to have a healthy relationship, both people need to be able to set boundaries. Boundaries are about respecting both yourself and the other person. They help to create a balance in the relationship by establishing expectations.


There are many ways to set boundaries, and it's different for everyone. For some people, setting boundaries might mean saying no more often. For others, it might mean speaking up when they don't want to do something or need time for themselves. It can also mean communicating your feelings honestly and openly.


The most important thing is that both people are respecting each other's boundaries. No matter how much you care about someone, if they can't respect your boundaries, it won't work out in the long run.

For example, let’s say my friend wants to come over and hang out on Tuesday night. I know that I need quiet time at home because I had a busy weekend with family. If she respects that boundary of mine, then we might set an alternative day for hanging out together so neither of us is disappointed or stressed out.

If she doesn't respect that boundary of mine, however, there are many ways I can react. For example, I could tell her clearly why I am not available on Tuesday night and suggest an alternative day. If she argues with me, I could politely agree to hang out on Tuesday night and then do something else by myself instead. Or if she starts talking about how important it is for her to spend time together or guilt trips me, I might tell her why I need a little space and give a few examples of how my life is different from hers. And if she keeps pushing the issue after that, I might end our friendship altogether because clearly, we're not compatible.

Bottom line: We all get busy sometimes, but if someone can't respect your boundaries when you set them, they aren't worth your time in the long run.

Boundaries are an integral part of any healthy relationship so both people feel respected and valued. Although some people find it difficult to say no, it's important to remember that your needs matter too. When both people in a relationship can set boundaries for themselves, it creates a healthy balance and allows the relationship to flourish.


Thank you for reading! I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or want more information, please feel free to leave a comment below. :-)


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