Attachment Styles And Childhood Trauma | The 10.24 Podcast

Are you a secure, avoidant or anxious attachment style? What's your attachment style based on your parents' response to you as a child? And how might that affect the way you respond to others now? In this episode of The 10.24 Podcast, we d…

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Dating Advice For Women - Why Do MEN Play Games?

Men are complicated. When it comes to relationships, they can be downright difficult. But what is the one thing that drives them to play games with you in the first place? Tune into this episode of The 10.24 Podcast and find out!

To stay up to date…

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Relationship Advice - What Generational Curses Are You Facing?

We are trapped by the generational curses that have been passed down to us. But if you understand what they are, and how to break free from them, you can start living a life of freedom! In this episode, we share our advice for breaking…

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Relationship Advice - How To Establish Boundaries For Healthy Relationship

Boundary setting is tricky, especially when it involves another person you care about.

Bryan and Dr. Sam give relationship advice about the importance of establishing effective boundaries. Why is it so hard to say no? How …

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Couples Help How To Work On Yourself In A Relationship

In this podcast episode, we give relationship advice on how therapy can help a person grow in a relationship. Most of us suffer from past trauma, bad relationships, and emotional difficulties. Most of the advice couples receive doesn't help a…

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